Saturday, 28 February 2009

You're the cheese to my macaroni


We're like peanut butter and jelly ... (strawberry jelly...)

Soon... Penny's list of unconventional love songs...

What songs would you include on the list?


Thursday, 26 February 2009

I'm a rainbow today..

And just for some fun.. You have to listen to this song.. It is quite amazing.. It's so cheerful and honest and just heart warming... The lyrics are quite simple but yet, it says so much. The music is really charming and the voice of Kira Willey adds a bit of innocence to the whole song..

It was sent to me by my dad, who in my humble point of view, has a really good taste in music (but let's face it.. at my age he liked Chicago.. that's never good.. you won't find Chicago in here..)

Artist: Kira Willey
Album: Other Song
Title: Colors

i am green today
i chirp with joy
like a cricket song
i am gray today
gloomy and damp
like a morning fog
i am orange today
loud and messy
like finger paint on the wall

i am red today
hopping mad
like a playground ball
i am black today
strong and tall
a great big bear
i am purple today
bright and happy like
a butterfly in the air

i'm a rainbow today
all the colors of the world
i'm a rainbow today
all the colors of the world
i'm a rainbow today
all the colors of the world
are in me

i am yellow today
i shine my light
out like the sun
i am white today
soft and quiet
like new snow
i am blue today
calm as glass and
cool like the sea

i'm a rainbow today
all the colors of the world
i'm a rainbow today
all the colors of the world
i'm a rainbow today
all the colors of the world
are in me

What color are you today..?
I think I am a mix between blue, purple and white... oh well.. I am a rainbow today...


its a wild world...

(Meadows park, on my way to school)

And a sunny wild world..

Spring is getting to Edinburgh, and with spring comes projects, crazy team meetings and hours in the financial lab...

But with all that, there's the promise of summer and maybe a small break between school to enjoy some days of sun... =)

So, in the name of the toughness that comes with postgraduate school, and the sunny days at the Scottish city, here is one of my favorite songs of all the time...
It reminds me home.

Artist: Cat Stevens
Album: Tea for the Tillerman
Year: 1970
Title: Wild World

Now that I've lost everything to you
You say you wanna start something new
And it's breakin' my heart you're leavin'
Baby, I'm grievin'
But if you wanna leave, take good care
I hope you have a lot of nice things to wear
But then a lot of nice things turn bad out there

Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
I'll always remember you like a child, girl

You know I've seen a lot of what the world can do
And it's breakin' my heart in two
Because I never wanna see you a sad girl
Don't be a bad girl
But if you wanna leave, take good care
I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware

Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
I'll always remember you like a child, girl

Baby, I love you

But if you wanna leave, take good care
I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware

Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
I'll always remember you like a child, girl

What song reminds you of home?


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Listen to Tommy with a candle burning, and you'll see your entire future

(I love candles... these are my kinda christmassy candles and they're my relaxing secret weapon before going to sleep.. automatically they make you feel better about your day. You'd try them!)

... Or not ... But I do think that staring at a candle burning relax you so much that you might start thinking about your future...
I wanted to mention a song that makes me thing about my future... I couldn't find one, that exactly says what I feel without feeling extremely cheesy (Not Forever Young in this blog please!) or really dark (seriously.. if you don't trust on your future... what do you have left?) . So I chose Placebo (ok, not the happiest apple of the tree.. but really, i didn't want a cheesy song..) 20 years... There's something dark and twisted about Placebo, but captivating at the same time. Even the members of the band are captivating, for some reason that its not exactly that they're handsome.
I'm on my 20's (I stopped counting after I reached that age... it looks much prettier with 0's in it) and I have at least 20 more years to worry about...
But not today...
Today, I went for a walk and enjoyed the singing of the birds and the chilly air. The spring is getting into Edinburgh and these little amazing and tiny white flowers are appearing everywhere..!
And I had a girl talk with my flatmates and we decided that boys gossiped more than girls and that from everything we have, it is ok to have a quarter-life-crisis from time to time, because you know, we are humans...
The trick in this is to find the way of finding ourselves along the way.. If we find what we need, if we get to learn how to be happy under our skin... And to live the life step by step.. why worry about 30s something crisis when you're in your 20s? obviously you'll grow older with only the thought!!
So yeah, my resolution for the next few months? Pass all the classes (including the craziness that comes with team groups), find a little corner in the huge financial area that makes me feel like home (a.k.a. I love finances.. but it's so broad and huge that I just haven't find exactly WHAT i want to do), point the destination and just go there... do everything to be able to reach it...
Enjoying every single of the step to get there.. Because you know, we don't live forever (we don't get to be vampires you know?) and if you worry too much and forget to live your life... you're going to find out at 40's that you have a mid life crisis because you never got to enjoy when you were young and you feel like blah...
Obviously, take this from a girl who's in her 20s and listens and watches too many movies/songs... But at least I have a song for you... At least I have that.. right?

Artist: Placebo
Album: Once more with feeling (singles 1996 - 2004)
Year: 2004
Title: Twenty years

There are twenty years to go
and twenty ways to know
who will wear the hat.

There are twenty years to go,
the best of all i hope.
Enjoy the ride, the medicine show.

And thems the breaks for we designer fakes.
We need to concentrate on more then meets the eye.

There are twenty years to go,
the faithful and the low.
The best of starts, the broken heart, the stone.
There are twenty years the go,
the punch drunk and the blow.
The worst of starts, the mercy part, the phone.

And thems the breaks for we designer fakes.
We need to concentrate on more then meets the eye.
And thems the breaks for we designer fakes.
But it's you I take 'cause your the truth not I.

There are twenty years to go.
A golden age I know.
But all will pass, will end to fast, you know.

There are twenty years to go,
and many friends I hope.
Though some may hold the rose some hold the rope.

And that's the end and that's the start of it.
That's the whole and that's the part of it.
That's the high and that's the heart of it.
That's the long and that's the short of it.
That's the best and that's the test in it.
That's the doubt, the doubt,
the trust in it.
That's the sight and that's the sound of it.
That's the gift and that's the trick in it.

You're the truth not I.

(The title comes from the amazing, beautiful and great movie "Almost Famous" by Cameron Crowe and Kate Hudson... you should really, really watch it!)


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Who could hang a name on you?

(My black and white shoes that inspired my Girls, Girls, Girls lists)
I love lists. There's something about making a list about anything... it gives a certain degree of importance to every single silly thing on it...

And then, there's the magic of having a multiple kinds of lists! You can have a grocery list, work out list (not that I follow it too often), homework list-to-do (which I'd follow more often), housekeeping list, telephones lists, emails lists, book lists, expenses lists (omg.. so awful, probably even worst than the work out list...); but particularly, there are two lists that I love the most... All above the to-do-lists... One of it is the recipe (it is, after all a list!) and a music list...

I was mainly inspired by an AOL list of 25 songs, of all the times. They did a recollection of Heartbreaking songs (I know worst, but they were pretty good), Happy songs (not so good in my point of view) and Mend a broken heart (Awful list).

Being the perfectionist and stubborn that I am, because let's be honest, I am like that, I decided to make my own little lists... But changing the concept a bit, 25 are too many, 10 are too few, 15 is a boring number, 16 is perfect. I love the number 16. Scratch that... I tried to do that... It's too hard to choose only 16.. so we'll go with the 25...

So let's start with my little cute, amazing lists... Because you know they'll be like that!!

The first on of the lists of the lists (omg.. how amazing is that? A list of The List...) is Girls, Girls, Girls (Names)... The thing is, for me it'd be so cool to have you named after a song.. In my point of view, when you're named after a great name (well, just like me Penny) you become immediately immortal (until the song lasts, at least). And lets just not get to all the dedication possibilities... And for that reason, I have my own little collection of name songs... And I want to share them with you... (oh yes, and boys' names are coming... starting with the coolest name ever.. Daniel, (Daniel - Elton John) whose owner (my cousin) is super cool too.. but does't know who is Elton John.. which is a shame hahaha really...
And to finish my long story a small disclaimer no, they don't follow any kind of order... choosing 25 was hard enough, and I just can't choose favorites... So don't say anything..

Girls, Girls, Girls
(totally quoting Mötley Crüe, they are wise... Tommy Lee is in it... rumor has it that their next cd is out around 2011)
  1. Meet Virginia – Train
    She only drinks coffee at midnight, when the moment is not right, her timing is quite-unusual you see her confidence is tragic, but her intuition magic And the shape of her body – unusual Meet virginia
  2. Sally – Johnny Flynn
    Sally was a daisy chain And Sally was a rock Sally let her hair hang low And Sally wore a frock Someone saw a local boy crawl along the shore Well, must be someone’s son they thought and should've thought some more
  3. Madame joy – van Morrison
    Here she comes walking I do believe it's Madame Joy Walking past that old street corner And she's looking for her boy Oh yes she is, looking for her boy
  4. Valerie – Amy Winehouse
    And I think of all the things, what you're doing, and in my head I paint a picture. Cause since I've come home, well my body's been a mess, and I miss your ginger hair, and the way you like to dress. Oh wont you come on over, stop making a fool out of me, oh why don't you come on over, Valerie.
  5. Josephine – The wallflowers
    Josephine You're so good to me And I know It ain't easy Josephine You're so sweet You must taste just like sugar & tangerines
  6. Konstantine – Something Corporate
    this is to a girl who got into my head with all the pretty things she did hey ya know you keep me up in bed this is to a girl who got into my head with all these fucked up things i did hey maybe baby you could keep me up in bed my konstanine
  7. Angelina – The Bravery
    Oh Angelina You are the sun and the moon Every song I ever sang, I stole it from you I knew that nothing could tear us apart, I never even gave it a second thought I was so sure and I was wrong, Now every single thing I ever had is gone
  8. Dear prudence – The Beatles
    Dear Prudence let me see you smile Dear Prudence like a little child The clouds will be a daisy chain So let me see you smile again Dear Prudence won't you let me see you smile
  9. Lovely Linda – Paul McCartney
    La la la la la lovely linda with the lovely flowers in her hair La la la la la lovely Linda
  10. Dakota – Stereophonics
    Thinking about thinking of you Summertime think it was June Yeah think it was June Laying back, head on the grass Children grown having some laughs Yeah having some laughs. Made me feel like the one
  11. Maria – Blondie
    She moves like she don't care Smooth as silk Cool as air Oooh it makes you wanna cry She doesn't know your name and your heart beats like a subway train Oooh it makes you wanna die Oooh don't you wanna take her? Wanna' make her all your own? Maria
  12. Medellia of the gray skies – the smashing pumpkins
    Medellia of my eyes You're the emptiness of I You're the reason that I write And if you say you will I would love you still
  13. Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel
    And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know. God bless you, please Mrs. Robinson. Heaven holds a place for those who pray, hey..
  14. Sally Ann – Sean Hayes
    A woman of beauty A woman of pain In France or Jakarta Her shadow's the same You go home with Sally Ann You go home with Sally Ann You go home
  15. Mona Lisa – Nat King Cole
    Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you You’re so like the lady with the mystic smile Is it only cause you’re lonely they have blamed you? For that Mona Lisa strangeness in your smile?
  16. Ruby Blue – Roisin Murphy
    It was you And them And me Look what you do Oh, Ruby Blue You'd better stop And try to think Look what you're doing Oh, Ruby
  17. Ruby’s Arms – Tom Waits
    i'll never kiss your lips again or break your heart, as i say goodbye i'll say goodbye, say goodbye to Ruby's arms.
  18. Ophelia – Natalie Merchant
    Ophelia was the rebel girl A blue stocking suffragette Who remedied society between her cigarettes And Ophelia was the sweetheart To a nation overnight Curvaceous thighs Vivacious eyes Love was at first sight
  19. Claudia – Martina Sorbara
    Claudia, wish I danced like you Danced like I had nothing to worry 'bout Except Rock & Roll
  20. Grace – Jeff Buckley
    And I feel them drown my name So easy to know and forget with this kiss But I'm not afraid to go but it goes so slow Wait in the fire...
  21. Sing Theresa – Greg Laswell
    sing," Theresa says. "sing happy things" "sing," Theresa says if i do everything one day a man will spring worth loving
  22. Lolita – elefant
    Lola is on the floor She's wanting more, she's wanting more Lola is on the floor She's wanting more… Am I wrong for loving Lola? Am I wrong for what I think? She is such a wicked child
  23. Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones
    Goodbye, ruby tuesday Who could hang a name on you? When you change with every new day Still I'm gonna miss you..
  24. Anna begins – Counting Crows
    And Anna begins to toss and turn And every word is nonsense but I understand it and Oh lord. I m not ready for this sort of thing Her kindness bangs a gong Its moving me along and Anna begins to fade away It s chasing me away. she disappears, and oh lord I'm not ready for this sort of thing
  25. Letter to Elise – the cure
    Oh Elise it doesn't matter what you do I know I'll never really get inside of you To make your eyes catch fire The way they should The way the blue could pull me in If they only would

( The title comes from the lyrics Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones)

Would you add another song to the list? Have you listen to them? Do you like them?? Let me hear your thoughts people..!! =)


Sunday, 15 February 2009

She is such a charmer.. oh no.

(I promised you cookies, right?)

Valentine's day came and left too fast. I'm not a super fan of the holiday, honestly I do believe that is just a giant marketing machine that was created by Halmark but shamelessly, I am a victim of the marketing.

I spent a great day. I put on some jazzy music while I got ready for my dinner date with friends. I put on a rich smell lotion, light up some candles and danced around my room while I was choosing what to wear for the occasion. I believe in the magic of a little black dress, so that was my choice for tonight. Let keeps it romantic, I thought, and while I put on black mascara and rich red lips I felt happy.

The dinner was nice and fun. It is perfect to spend the night with some girls and just enjoy nice food and cold white wine. We didn't have music, which was an incredible shame. I just forgot my Ipod stereo, but as always, I had my Ipod with me.

After dinner we decided to visit Opal Lounge. And at first, when it was kinda empty I actually enjoyed it. But when the crowd arrived and the music got worst I remembered how much I hate clubs. I tried to give them a chance when I came to Edinburgh, the lights, the people dancing, it is exciting.. But the music? Not good. Not at all. And I tried. I seriously tried to like it.

I have nothing against them. I honestly believe in the freedom of choice and most of the time what I find a perfect music place for some other sucks... But why they take these great songs and transform them into something weird and awful? It is a waste of talent, and no matter if you think I'm wrong, I'm stubborn and I really believe it.

Why taking this perfect Beatles' song and make it club danceable? Or take the quite classic song Walk This Way and mix it with the same notes than Bootilicious by Beyonce.. Seriously?!

When I started listening to the tragedy I was already in bad mood. The crowd didn't let me dance, and they were pushing me. And the music was just the olive in my martini (or is it the cherry on top of the cake?) Thankfully, my friends felt the same way and we decided to go.

The coats' closet line was long and slow and didn't help much for my mood. I kept repeating like a mantra: It's Feb. 14th, you have to be in good mood. Oh, wait. Its Feb 15th already...

And then they did it. They started playing Kings Of Leon *Use Somebody* and mixed it up again. That's it! That's when I decided that I was going to take a break from clubs until they redeem themselves.

I understand how popular Kings Of Leon have become. I totally get that. And it is quite a shame, there's always something magical in finding a new band and hold them and follow them around. I love presenting them to my friends and call them independent and unknown. And it is also hear warming when you see that they're finally taking off and all their work has, well, worked - for example, I give Jason Mraz a small space in this post since his single I'm yours is now a really successful song and it has been out since 2003, so worth it if you ask me -. But I am jealous, I kinda like being one of the only people that know that music. And that happens with Kings Of Leon. I love their eclectic sound of music. I love how Caleb Followill (love the name Caleb too.. and he's kinda hot) screams the notes. It makes me giggle.

But not when some insensitive people mix their songs with Gold Digger... No. that is just so tragic.

So, by trying to make it up for the poor guys, I'll post this song for them today. It is a romantic song, (on my not average romantic sense...) though, to keep with the love celebrations. It is basically a tale of uncalled love I think... Let's keep the romance real.. not all guys and girls and princes and princesses right? It's called *Closer* and it's part of their 2008 "Only by night" cd.

Artist: Kings of Leon
Album: Only by the night
Year: 2008
Title: Closer

Stranded in this spooky town
Stoplights are swaying and the phone lines are down
This floor is crackling cold
She took my heart,
I think she took my soul
With the moon I run
Far from the carnage of the fiery sun

Driven by the strangled vein
Showing no mercy I do it again
Open up your eye
You keep on crying, baby
I’ll bleed you dry
The skies are blinking at me
I see a storm bubbling up from the sea

And it's coming closer
And it's coming closer

You, shimmy shook my bone
Leaving me stranded all in love on my own
What do you think of me
Where am I now?
Baby where do I sleep
Feel so good but I'm old,
2000 years of chasing taking its toll

And it’s coming closer

Do you like any of Kings of Leon songs? If you do, which one is your favorite? Please, tell me..!!


Saturday, 14 February 2009

Turn on the music, and let the windows roll down.

I'm walking up the street towards my university where I study a postgraduate program. It is a cold day in Edinburgh, the snow is falling and I can see it painting everything in white and gray. I feel happy. I can't help but giggle like a five years old while I try to warm my hands and keep my balance at the same time(it is hard to walk in the snow with my new heels). There's something missing, though. I look around in my head, thinking, what did I miss? what did I forget? Do I have everything with me? Books, check. Gloss, makeup, etc? Check. Oh. The music is missing. How silly of me.
I look for my black ipod that is hidden inside my black bag between notes and makeup. I turn it on. I look for the song that explains exactly how I feel in this moment. A song that explains the snow falling into my red umbrella. The lyrics that can explain the childish fascination that I have towards the snow.
I found it. Dancing in the moonlight by King Harvest. Its perfect! The notes at the beginning, the old fashioned piano, it sounds exactly like snowflakes falling. And they are dancing, they're alive. They're dancing in the moonlight (well, let's change moonlight into snow land?) .
Oh yes, it was perfect. And I giggled with my new perfect addition. I have to stop myself from dancing all the way to business school, its bad enough that I can't help but giggling and singing by myself, I don't want all the Scots to think that I'm a crazy, silly girl. But I am happy, I am truly happy. Its a new day, I'm alive and I'm walking (I love walking), I have my new heels and my new haircut, the snow is falling and I have music. I have the damn right to giggle and sing to myself, and even dance if I want to.
Welcome to my blog.
I've never had blogs. And the only blog I read is about food. I don't think its useful to cry all the time and write your dramas and then to have people to read them. We all have dramas in our lives... why add a stranger's drama to yours? No. This blog ain't that.
This blog is about music, the lyrics. I'm pretty bad at explaining how I feel, but I really good at pointing the song that explains the feelings for me. I think music is better for that kind of work. I'll take you with me to my daily music trip, and I will show you the song that I felt described my day perfectly. Maybe you'll think its a dumb song, or maybe you'll think is amazing. I don't care, as long as you give it a chance, and as long as you give me a chance.
I promise you, me and my music won't disappoint you.
Do you want to listen to the soundtrack of my life?
Come on in. I have cookies.