Saturday, 14 February 2009

Turn on the music, and let the windows roll down.

I'm walking up the street towards my university where I study a postgraduate program. It is a cold day in Edinburgh, the snow is falling and I can see it painting everything in white and gray. I feel happy. I can't help but giggle like a five years old while I try to warm my hands and keep my balance at the same time(it is hard to walk in the snow with my new heels). There's something missing, though. I look around in my head, thinking, what did I miss? what did I forget? Do I have everything with me? Books, check. Gloss, makeup, etc? Check. Oh. The music is missing. How silly of me.
I look for my black ipod that is hidden inside my black bag between notes and makeup. I turn it on. I look for the song that explains exactly how I feel in this moment. A song that explains the snow falling into my red umbrella. The lyrics that can explain the childish fascination that I have towards the snow.
I found it. Dancing in the moonlight by King Harvest. Its perfect! The notes at the beginning, the old fashioned piano, it sounds exactly like snowflakes falling. And they are dancing, they're alive. They're dancing in the moonlight (well, let's change moonlight into snow land?) .
Oh yes, it was perfect. And I giggled with my new perfect addition. I have to stop myself from dancing all the way to business school, its bad enough that I can't help but giggling and singing by myself, I don't want all the Scots to think that I'm a crazy, silly girl. But I am happy, I am truly happy. Its a new day, I'm alive and I'm walking (I love walking), I have my new heels and my new haircut, the snow is falling and I have music. I have the damn right to giggle and sing to myself, and even dance if I want to.
Welcome to my blog.
I've never had blogs. And the only blog I read is about food. I don't think its useful to cry all the time and write your dramas and then to have people to read them. We all have dramas in our lives... why add a stranger's drama to yours? No. This blog ain't that.
This blog is about music, the lyrics. I'm pretty bad at explaining how I feel, but I really good at pointing the song that explains the feelings for me. I think music is better for that kind of work. I'll take you with me to my daily music trip, and I will show you the song that I felt described my day perfectly. Maybe you'll think its a dumb song, or maybe you'll think is amazing. I don't care, as long as you give it a chance, and as long as you give me a chance.
I promise you, me and my music won't disappoint you.
Do you want to listen to the soundtrack of my life?
Come on in. I have cookies.

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